Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Waiting for whales...

For the last few days whale sightings have been few and far between...we occasionally have seen a small group towards the end of the day but nothing like earlier in the season when whales could be seen most days and earlier. 

Is this a sign of the end of the season? We don't know, but things do look different. There have been a few reports of whales further out, nearer Olafsvik and just two days ago we followed a group of 3 whales heading in the direction of Stykkishólmur so it could be that there are plenty of whales out in the bay of Breiðafjörður but we just can't get to them because they are too far. When weather allows members of our team still join the Láki Tours boats which can go further afield than we can on the mighty (albeit small) Tango. So if they are around we will certainly find them!

One of the 3 whales we followed two days ago out of Kolgrafafjordur and heading East. This group was composed of this adult male and two females.


  1. I was in Kolgrafafjordur during very begining of march, and I saw these 3 orcas several times in 4 days. Is this male is "062 Hulk" from scotland ?? It look like him

    1. Hi Sandra, yes it is :) Andy Foote and his colleagues had published a paper in 2009 showing that 062, who was first identified in Iceland and called 993, was sighted in Scotland around that time. Since then there was no information if he and the other whales sighted in Scotland were returning to Iceland, but now we know that they are probably travelling between the two places regularly.