Saturday, 19 August 2017

Fieldwork 2017 - lots of work in July!

Commentary by Sara Tavares

Uff!! We’ve been busy… We’ve had some full weeks at the end of July! Work with Earthwatch team 4 started slow, with some very bad weather (mostly strong winds) not allowing us go out on the boat or do land station surveys. However, after a few days, the weather changed completely and we were working non-stop! 

We had days with lots of sightings, one day we saw 4 different species: minkes, harbour porpoises, pilot whales and killer whales! Check out this video (by Miguel Neves) of the team working on the boat observing feeding killer whales:

We had a 1 week break during the first week of August and now we are back to work, with more news to come soon!

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